ATTENTION LADIES! Here Are 9 Reasons Why Your Private Part Smells Funky


While it isn’t something to be casually discussed over dinner, it’s an inescapable fact for us women that our you-know-what smells.

Television and radio advertisements of feminine care products make us cringe, but in the end we all have our own choice of brand.

It gets a little unsettling when it happens, but the more you ignore it the more it gets at the back of your head especially if you care too much about hygiene.

Vag1nal odor may indicate health problems but fret not, because there are other mild reasons why it smells down there.

1. Excessive washing. And who would’ve thought excessive washing may make it worse. Turns out, this can still mess with the vag1na’s flora, causing an odor.

2. Allergy to condoms. Yes, condoms may help us prevent pregnancy. Unfortunately, some women are allergic to certain materials in condoms which can throw off vag1nal bacteria and cause odor.

3. Douching. For those who are unfamiliar with this word, the word ”douche” is French for ”wash” or ”soak.” It is a method to wash out the vag1na, usually with a mixture of water and vinegar.

Vag1nal douching can mess with the pH levels of the vagina and even cause a large amount of bacteria to grow. There is good and bad bacteria that can be down there, but the bad bacteria can cause a strong smell.

4. Tight clothing. Obviously. Wearing very tight pants or underwear, aside from it can cause a slight pain down there, can cause your vag1na to sweat that causes vag1nal odor.

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5. Spicy food. Apologies for the women who like to eat spicy food, but it can cause a rapid increase of vag1nal discharge which can cause vag1nal odor.

6. Sleeping with underwear at night. This is actually unexpected but sorry ladies. According to reports, sleeping in the nude to air out the vag1na is the best way to go.

7. Laundry detergents and soaps. And all this time we thought the more fragrant our undies are, the cleaner it is. Laundry detergent with perfume or fabric softeners can irritate the vag1na, again causing odor. The best way is to wash your underwear separately with unscented detergent

8. Pregnancy. During pregnancy, many of vitamins and minerals are passed along to your baby, and this can throw off the pH levels in your vag1na.

9. S*x. You may notice vag1nal odors accumulating directly after s*x. No more explanations required.

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