How To Download Free On Uc Mini Using Office VPN Via 9mobile (Video)



9mobile are not chilling with their unstoppable unlimited packages. Recently, 9mobile – formerly known as Etisalat, unleashed 10,000naira daily bonus, welcome back bundles and the evergreen free YouTube streaming pak which has got many people attracted to their network. Moreover, we have found a way in penetrating the packages and hence, brought out a working way to download unlimitedly on your uc mini browser using office VPN application.

Office VPN is an application that enables users access websites/Internets for free at a given time. It bypass a virtual IP (internet protocol) to generate a free connection to a specific region in order to render free access to the internet.

In Nigeria, 9mobile is the only network that has the the feature to connect to the office VPN application. So, when connected, you can browse some of your apps without paying a dime or using mobile data and can also be used to download on some applications.

In this tutorial, you will be acquainted on how to download on uc mini browser using office VPN application. Movies, TV series, Audio, Musics, Apps, Normal videos and many other files can be downloaded without using mobile data. Now, let’s go on activating the freebie.

Prerequisites or Requirements

Make sure you have Office VPN app, or download here.
Install UC mini browser or download
Use only 9mobile network.
Make sure you have no data and credit. Otherwise, it might penetrate them before the freebie start to browse.

For Office VPN:

Firstly, launch your office VPN application.
Tap on “Proxy Settings” at the right table side.
Tap on “+ADD” and add earlier downloaded UC MINI app to the category of apps to be bypassed by ticking it.

Now, go home and tap on “GO” to connect.

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For UC MINI browser app:

After successful connection of office VPN, launch your UC MINI app browser.
Go to the site you want to download from e.g

Now, download the movie and enjoy.

Watch Video below on How to download on UC MINI browser app using 9mobile network

Watch Video Or Download From YOutube

Tips: If the VPN stopped suddenly, tap on “Get more time” and enjoy thereafter. Also note that the “key” at your phone status bar shows the VPN has connected successfully.

This freebie don’t easily get congested and once it gets, you can switch region and enjoy the unlimited access to the internet. It is hundred percent sure that the freebie will work well for you, only if you don’t follow up the procedure.

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