Popular Yahoo Boy leaks nude photo of a 19-year-old girl begging to be his girlfriend.



A popular guy on Facebook with the name Onyebuchi Onye Eshi took to the social media platform to share shared indecent pictures of a 19-year-old girl whom he claims is disturbing him to be her boyfriends.

Onyebuchi apparently, took advantage of the girl, and he demanded for revealing pictures, the girl, who of course is so in love with “this big boy”, sent the pictures, and Onyebuchi went ahead to post them on his Facebook wall.

Below is the conversation, he had with the 19-year-old girl, asking her to send him her n*de pictures. She did, and he leaked the conversation, as well as the pictures… We are protecting the Identity of the girl.

Onyebuchi, recently compared himself to Hushpuppi. He wrote;

Married women or men should be off my post . I know y’all wanna be the migo cos am bachelor and all my bitches are spinsters. I bet only hush can reach such maximum views 19k 10hours. This niga ain’t Starr but I still shine .

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