“I Prefer To Cheat Than Be Cheated On”- Ric Hassani



"I Prefer To Cheat Than Be Cheated On"- Ric HassaniNigerian musician, Ric Hassani, in an interview, disclosed some relationship details and gave his fans a peak of his naught side.

Ric Hassani in a chat with The Net NG, disclosed that he would rather cheat than to be cheated on.

He said;

“I would rather cheat, if I cheat I would know, its almost like if you bash your own car, its not as painful as when your guy bashes your car”

When asked if he was in a relationship, he said;

“Can I phone a friend, cause I need to ask the person what we are doing”

When asked when he lost his virginity, he said;

“I was 16, is that a good thing or a bad one”

When asked skinny or curvy women, who he prefers, he said;


When asked Sex in the morning afternoon or night, he said;

“Definitely night”

Watch video below;

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