I am Being Cursed? Am Sleeping With My Step Dad and My Biological Father – 26 Years Old Girl Cries Out


A 26 Years Old Girl who has a big heart with lots of love confess, she has being sleeping with her step dad and her biological father.

My mum divorced my father when i was two, i was raised by my stepfather since the age of three.

“I knew him as my dad and he taught me that being a dad is being present all the tim, when i was 16,i s3duce him and ever since then we have being secrtly making love

At age 22 i reconnected my her biological father, i visit him one day and i saw his caught him masturb22ting and he is his full n2kedness,i feel w3t instantly move closer to him and all went down well.

I love both them, they have a lot in common and our relationship are doing well.

Sometimes i played role of wife around them,i even get jealous of my mum sometimes. Am i being cursed?

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