Scary Photos Of Nollywood Actress Trying To Commit Suicide Surface


A scary photo of Oge Aneke emerged online as the actress embarked on latest movie project titled “GOODNIGHT”.

Some of the scenes in the beautiful location shots show the actress in an attempt to commit suicide with a rope around her neck.

According to Oge, “Good Night”, which is from the stable of Mrs Chinyere Ozoh and Mr Ifeanyi Onyeabo, is a true life story which every family will love to watch.

The story exposes the hidden truth of most parents! It’s a movie that is full of intrigues, drama, educating and most importantly entertaining. There are little things some parents take for granted which could cause big problems in future…No matter the nature of your job, attention must be given to each other because that brings closeness,oneness and love between couples; I am very sure that parents will be inspired on this one”, Oge reveals.

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